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Meet Rene.  Rene used BJJ to help him lose over 100 lbs and is in the best shape of his life.

The best jujitsu and kickboxing gym in the WORLD, my kids are lucky to be training here. The best coaches and owners

-Preston Johnson

Three years later I'm 119 pounds down. I'm not sure where I'd be now if I hadn't been invited to a gym called Conquest. No strings attached, just come try it. That was the beginning. They took it upon themselves to not only coach me but help me with my diet and nutrition, not only because it will make my jitz better, but because he wanted my quality of life to be better. It's really rare to meet and find people who invest time and energy into you just because they care. So thank you. You changed my life and I don't get here without you. And thank you to all my teammates at Conquest for all of the hard rolls and the encouragement. I'm not done yet, but I don't make it this far without all of you.

-Luke Cooper

My 4 year old son was having outbursts at school and not treating other kids with respect. We decided BJJ was an option to help him learn how to control his emotions. We looked at several gyms and decided Conquest was the best environment for him. It took him about a month to finally hit the mat and start training. The coaches have been so kind, patient and loving to my boy. They constantly give him words of encouragement and coach him through hard moments when he wants to give up. I was so impressed that I was inspired to sign up myself. All the coaches have been incredible to learn from. I’ve developed amazing friendships and found comradeship similar to what I had in the Marine Corps. Since we’ve joined, my son has made huge breakthroughs with his emotions at school. All his teachers have told us how amazing his improvements have been since he started... same thing for me. I highly encourage anyone that is slightly interested in this sport to give Conquest a try.

-Chris Ott

If you have kids, want to get in shape This is your place! As a parent I have seen my kids improve in all areas in life taking them here. And also joining the adult classes I have lost weight a lot of my weight I have gained over the past years all while having fun. Highly recommend!


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