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Private Lessons

Private lessons are available to all academy members and visitors! They're great for more concentrated instruction, tailored to your individual needs and experience level. Students get  more in-depth exploration of techniques and positions in an exclusive learning environment!

Program Benefits

- Exclusive learning environment     

- In-depth exploration of techniques and situations   

- Personalized instruction tailored to each individual

  • Blue Belt Coach: $50 Hr

Kaden Truelove 

  • Purple Belt Coach: $60 Hr

Eason Travis, Luke Cooper, Sharon Major, Sean Willimon, Levi ThurmanCarlos Perry, Dawson Lee, Ryan Dyck, Journi Bentley

  • Brown Belt Coach: $70 Hr

Robert Major, Ha Bu, Kevin Dublin

  • Black Belt Coach: $80 Hr

Ron Trichel

Please note: All private lessons MUST be scheduled beforehand. 

Booking Procedure

  1. Talk with desired instructor about availability

  2. Purchase private lesson package through instructor or by contacting academy

  3. Confirm date and time with instructor

  4. Enjoy your tailored lesson!

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