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Frequent Concerns and Questions

I am in terrible shape.  Shouldn't I wait until I've lost some weight or spent some time in the gym?

You may at first find the physicality of our training is difficult, but that is a good thing!  We have within our own studio some great success stories of people who didn't wait and instead used BJJ as part of their foundation to change their lives.

I want to learn jiu jitsu but I am not comfortable "rolling" with other people.  

This is actually very common - at first some people are nervous or intimidated about the close interaction that comes with grappling arts.  Our instructors strive to make everyone comfortable, and our students are not expected to practice or roll with anyone they don't know.  This may especially be the case for some women, either because of past trauma or general comfort - our Women's only class is designed with this in mind.

One of our goals is to help you build your confidence, and every person is different.  We will help you learn at your pace.

My child struggles with discipline.  Will jiu jitsu help?

We understand all too well what it's like to raise kids.  The foundation of discipline should always start with the home, but sometimes it is hard to see and understand a challenge from within.  Whether it's a coach in a team sport or the guidance of a martial arts instructor, the value and positive impact of an outside mentor cannot be overstated.

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